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Ride ‘Battle Ready’

With ARMR Moto you go ‘Battle Ready’; meaning protection is at the very core of all our garments. Many technologies are employed to ensure ARMR riders are well protected from both elements and knocks. These range from detailed manufacturing techniques such as super strong TLS Triple Lock Seam construction and waterproof Thermo-adhesive tape-sealed seams; to Ballistic materials and CE certified armour (fitted as standard in many garments).



ARMR MSL - Multi Season Liner System

The MSL concept was devised initially for extreme adventurers who needed to travel as light as possible whilst remaining comfortable battling through many different climate zones and over a multitude of challenging terrain. MSL is essentially several garments in one, meaning the owner can re-configure the layers to suit the prevailing conditions. This means less clothing to carry (reducing weight and also potentially luggage needs), a faster ‘change of clothes’, plus a big cost saving when compared to buying multiple specialist garments.

The MSL ‘one garment suits all’ technology not only works for riders who choose to ride year round through different seasons without having to purchase multiple specialist garments; it is also a godsend for distance riders who can easily find themselves riding through climate extremes from bitter icy cold and snow through to hot sunny climes in the same day.

MSL consists 3 layers – The jacket outer, a removable Dry-Tek waterproof and breathable membrane layer, and finally a base Thermoline liner. All can be independently detached and re-configured depending on prevailing riding conditions.


ARMR EFS - Exact Fit System

EFS (Exact Fit System) provides the rider with all the adjustability needed to ensure a fit tailored to your body shape.

Not only does this allow you to find optimal comfort, EFS critically enables a level of adjustment at 4 key areas – Neck, Arm, Waist and Hem. These are all ‘critical zones’ which can allow ingress of water, rain, snow, draughts and UV rays – compromising the entire garment, an spoiling your riding enjoyment.


3D Bubble Back Comfort Insert

ARMR’s 3D ‘Bubble Back’ technology comprises an insert consisting of multiple air pockets to create a ‘layer’ of fresh air within the garment. This allows air to circulate through the garment keeping you cool, comfortable and as a result less fatigued.


VISION TECH Reflective Panels

Many ARMR garments now feature ScotchliteTM or Vision Tech reflective visibility panels which are fully integrated into the design.


ARMR Ballistic nylon

ARMR Ballistic nylon is a thick, tough, synthetic nylon fabric originally developed by the DuPont corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen to protect the wearer from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts. The material can be produced in differing weights, or ‘denier’ (Dn) which is a measure of the linear mass density of the fibres. ARMR designers specify denier carefully to ensure just the right balance of flexibility, weight and protection depending on a garments intended use.



ARMR have devised a battery powered safety light system called ‘AEL’ (ARMR Electro Luminescence) which can be built into the garment itself. Unlike gas charged or filament bulbs, AEL utilises phosphorescent materials which glow when exposed to a small electrical current. AEL bulbs are cool, low power and can be physically very thin (almost ribbon like), which makes the system ideal for integration into ARMR garments. The light given off by AEL garments is also very soft, with no irritating glare. Presently AEL is an optional extra on the Katsura jacket.


TLS Triple Lock Seam Technology

A super strong seem structure. The threefold stitching provides additional strength and support for your motorcycle garment ensuring the garment is tear resistant and completely rip proof. The triple stitching provides extra endurance and exceptional quality for even the most intrepid motorcycle warriors.

ARMR Detachable Thermo Liner

Detachable Thermoline Liner

A heat retaining thermal inner liner designed to keep the rider warm. This liner can be removed for milder riding conditions.

Reissa Waterproof

Reissa - Waterproofing

REISSA is an advanced material with a breathable, water-proof membrane. This membrane is made of specialized hydrophilic polyurethane, which fulfills higher vapor transmission and waterproofness. This technology is designed to provide comfort and extreme durability in severe weather conditions.


Dry Tek - Waterproofing

DRYTEK is a waterproof and breathable membrane specially developed for use on motorcycle garments. The fabric is specially designed and developed to optimise breathability and absorption.

The breathable membrane allows moisture to escape, keeping the body temperature in balance whilst the fabric’s absorption properties take moisture from the skin into the fabric surface where evaporation takes place quickly, keeping you comfortable and dry.


Storm Flap

Storm Flap

C.E. Protection

CE Protection - Armour

Rest-assured that all ARMR impact protectors are made to the highest quality and meet European safety standards. Standards covering “motorcyclists’ protective clothing against mechanical impact” – EN 1621-1:1997[1] and EN 1621-2:2003[2] Both standards assess the performance of protective devices by measuring the force transmitted through it when impacted by a falling mass. EN 1621-1:1997 assesses devices that are designed to protect the shoulder, elbow and forearm, hip, knee and lower leg regions. European Standard EN 1621-2:2003[2] defines two levels of performance for CE approved back protectors.

Air Vent Pockets

Air Vent Pockets


ARMR Tex - Waterproof

Specifically developed for the motorcycle industry, ARMRTEX is a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane. The fabric’s durable membrane keeps the rider cool and dry by allowing sweat vapour to pass one way but stopping rain from the other.