1. Harada R Textile
2. Tottori 3
3. Prime Shirt
4. Kami
5. Kira 2
6. Liyla
7. Harada R Leather
8. Kumaji 2
9. Retoro
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We know you’re going to enjoy wearing your new ARMR Moto apparel and we’d love to see where, how and when you do that.

What’s being ‘battle ready’ when you ride? If you’ve really put ARMR Moto to the test and want to show others how pleased and amazed you are and tell them what they’re missing, this is the place to do it, with a few words (keeping it clean please…) with your photos.

Why not share your ARMR Moto ‘battle ready’ moments with us and other ARMR Moto fans? Email them in below with your and we promise to include just as many as we can.


Some of the latest images from ARMR Moto. Why not send us yours, showing that you are now Battle:Ready!