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MCN Review Harada S!

24 Apr 2019 / in Latest News

The Harada S Has had a good write up this week in MCN.

MCN – S880 Tried and Tested!

17 Apr 2019 / in Latest News

Our S880 Sports Gloves have had a good write up this week in MCN!

WPS880 Makes it into Ride’s Top 10 £100 Waterproof Gloves

08 Apr 2019 / in Latest News

ARMR Moto’s WPS880 made it into Ride’s top 10 £100 Waterproof Gloves.

WP850 in British Dealer News

06 Mar 2019 / in Latest News

ARMR WP850 was featured in British Dealer News this week.

Tottori Evo 2 – MCN 1000 Mile Test

05 Dec 2018 / in Latest News

MCN has tested ARMR Moto’s Tottori Evo 2 Jacket.

S880 Gloves Reviewed in RIDE

08 Oct 2018 / in Latest News

Ride Magazine have featured the S880 sports glove in this issue. The S880 came out 4th out of 29 gloves.

BaseWear Featured in FastBikes Magazine

02 Feb 2018 / in Latest News

ARMR Moto’s BaeWear is a new product line of base layers which has been featured in the latest issue of FastBikes Magazine.

WPL770 in MCN

04 Nov 2017 / in Latest News

The WPL770 gets a good review from MCN in the NEW PRODUCTS section.

MCN Feature ARMR Moto Kiso 2 Jacket

10 Aug 2016 / in Latest News

ARMR Moto Kiso 2 Jacket £99.99 Tester Andy Calton Time tested Four months/3500 miles What’s good? ARMR Moto are a relatively new brand that promise good quality, affordable products – and this Kiso 2 textile jacket certainly delivers that. It’s comfortable and comes with features normally found on more expensive kit. It has CE-approved elbow […]

Kumaji Awarded Ride Recommend

22 Jan 2016 / in Latest News

RIDE Recommended | Review ARMR Moto Kumaji Jacket – £149.99