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Ladies Kumaji 2 Featured in Overland Magazine!

19 Aug 2019 / in Latest News

We’ve tested alot of ARMR Moto kit in the past, but the brand, which is still known for its budget pricing, seems to be upping its game with every new product. And the fact that the male and female versions of the Kumaji 2 kit contain all the same features, just a different cut, means […]

MCN Review Harada S!

24 Apr 2019 / in Latest News

The Harada S Has had a good write up this week in MCN.

MCN – S880 Tried and Tested!

17 Apr 2019 / in Latest News

Our S880 Sports Gloves have had a good write up this week in MCN!

WPS880 Makes it into Ride’s Top 10 £100 Waterproof Gloves

08 Apr 2019 / in Latest News

ARMR Moto’s WPS880 made it into Ride’s top 10 £100 Waterproof Gloves.

WP850 in British Dealer News

06 Mar 2019 / in Latest News

ARMR WP850 was featured in British Dealer News this week.

Tottori Evo 2 – MCN 1000 Mile Test

05 Dec 2018 / in Latest News

MCN has tested ARMR Moto’s Tottori Evo 2 Jacket.

S880 Gloves Reviewed in RIDE

08 Oct 2018 / in Latest News

Ride Magazine have featured the S880 sports glove in this issue. The S880 came out 4th out of 29 gloves.

BaseWear Featured in FastBikes Magazine

02 Feb 2018 / in Latest News

ARMR Moto’s BaeWear is a new product line of base layers which has been featured in the latest issue of FastBikes Magazine.

WPL770 in MCN

04 Nov 2017 / in Latest News

The WPL770 gets a good review from MCN in the NEW PRODUCTS section.

MCN Feature ARMR Moto Kiso 2 Jacket

10 Aug 2016 / in Latest News

ARMR Moto Kiso 2 Jacket £99.99 Tester Andy Calton Time tested Four months/3500 miles What’s good? ARMR Moto are a relatively new brand that promise good quality, affordable products – and this Kiso 2 textile jacket certainly delivers that. It’s comfortable and comes with features normally found on more expensive kit. It has CE-approved elbow […]