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To get the best performance from your new ARMR garment, we recommend that you follow the care instructions below. Failure to do so may result in loss of functionality and lead to a shortened life span of your product.
Primarily fit is one of the key concerns in relation to performance as overly tight or excessively large garments can significantly impair performance and safety. Please ensure that you have been fitted professionally by one of our authorised dealers.




Wet Garment

All garments should be dried in an aired room at room temperature to avoid shrinking, cracking or splitting. Avoid radiators, drying cabinets, or any heat drying etc.




Leather Garment

To optimize the performance and longevity of your leather garment we recommend treating it regularly with a specialist motorcycle leather cleaning product such as Nikwax™ Leather Cleaner. This will maintain the natural fibres elasticity and stop them from becoming brittle and cracking.

Once dried apply a leather conditioner to restore the leathers natural properties and suppleness.

Always allow your leather garment to dry naturally and never try to wash it in a machine.




Textile Garment

To clean your new textile garment please follow the care instructions on the washing label. Before washing make sure that you remove any armour inside the clothing and ensure that all Velcro fasteners are closed as they may become attached to other garments in the wash. We recommend that you use a specialist motorcycle cleaner such as Nikwax™ Tech Wash.

We recommend that you add a re-proofing agent such as Nikwax™ Direct every third wash to aid water repellency and revive breathability.



Please contact us or your dealer if you have any questions or queries about your garment.


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