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ARMR Moto is all about riders feeling confident to push personal boundaries, releasing that ‘inner warrior’ and being ‘Battle Ready’ whatever, wherever and however you ride.

That’s because, choosing to ride a motorcycle is to make a ‘lifestyle choice’, whether that be for convenience, enjoyment or competitively. ARMR Moto’s assurance is that you can experience and enjoy that choice in a range of apparel which consistently offers cutting-edge style of quality and individuality without compromise. Check out our Brand Book here. Also why not view our Product Catalogue here.

Why the name ARMR Moto?
Quite simply, ARMR Moto offers the ideal equipment (‘armour’, shortened to ARMR) for pretty much every kind of ‘moto’rcyclist (shortened to MOTO). Put them together and you have ‘ARMR Moto’, a distinctive (and memorable) name for an equally distinctive range of quality motorcycling apparel at distinctively affordable prices.

Who’s behind ARMR Moto?
ARMR Moto was created by Brand Distribution company, Tri-Motive, which is run with genuine motorcycling passion by vastly experienced industry professionals who are also keen motorcyclists themselves (road and off-road).

Having collectively worked with and for wide range of well known motorcycling apparel brands, the guys at Tri-Motive were frustrated that every brand seemed to compromise in one way or another, with either quality/style/choice suffering to sell low priced apparel or prices being forced unaffordably high to offer the necessary quality/style/choice.

Quality, it’s said, has it’s price. At ARMR Moto we agree, we just happen to believe that great quality can still be affordable, which is we created the range in the way we have.

Motivated by passionately shared belief’s there was a better way based on industry knowledge, experience and insights, ARMR Moto was created. Quality, protection, comfort and style conscientiously brought together at the best possible price, rather than compromising any of what we see as essential components made to a targeted low price.

Why ARMR Moto?
ARMR Moto is designed for rider’s sake and not just for design’s sake around 4 guiding principles


Performance and Protection – careful design consideration behind the core functionality of every product ensures complete confidence they will perform and protect exactly as they need to across all seasons, all weathers and every perceived usage


Comfort and Fit – product performance also depends on ARMR Moto apparel being worn/used in exactly the right way whilst understanding attention to detail guarantees every garment is supremely comfortable to wear, time after time


Quality and Durability – each product specification is designed around high quality and technologically proven materials manufactured to stringently monitored standards, to create a consistently perfect finish that performs, is easy to take care of and lasts and lasts…


Style and Value – we believe passionately that brilliant product performance and individuality of style shouldn’t have to come at a premium, which is why you’ll find quality and many features normally only found on much higher priced brands and all in a style that’s uniquely ARMR Moto


ARMR Moto ‘No Quibble*’ Service and Guarantee
We’re confident you’ll love your ARMR Moto purchase. However, in the unlikely event you’re not entirely happy (and rest assured we will do everything we can to see that you are) we offer a ‘no quibble 1 year* guarantee ’ to either replace or refund your purchase to ensure your complete ‘peace of mind’.

After all, we want you to enjoy wearing your ARMR Moto as much as we enjoy designing and making it for you.