1. Harada R Textile
2. Tottori 3
3. Prime Shirt
4. Kami
5. Kira 2
6. Liyla
7. Harada R Leather
8. Kumaji 2
9. Retoro
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Welcome to ARMR Moto, the home of quality, stylish and surprisingly affordable motorcycling apparel designed by bikers, for bikers.

At ARMR Moto, we know riding is a highly personal, unique and intensely rewarding experience, and lifestyle choice. We also fully appreciate however, that whatever and wherever you ride, riding does throw up it’s challenges whether that be traffic, terrain, riding conditions and/or the variability of the weather. Let’s be honest, riding can sometimes feel like and/or be, a ‘battle’.

Whatever you’re ‘battling’ against, we understand that every rider develops their own form of ‘warrior’ mentality which helps keep minds focused for all such challenges and battles, big and small. ARMR Moto’s outer protection enhances that inner confidence

In truth, riding creates a ‘state of mind’, a personal battle-cry for individuality and self-expression. That’s why, with every product we go to any length necessary to ensure with ARMR Moto you’re always ‘Battle Ready’.

‘Choose your weapons’!